CNM 1 -St Joseph’s Surgical Ward Job at Beaumont Hospital – Dublin, County Dublin

Post Title:
Clinical Nurse Manager 1 – St Joseph’s Hospital

Post Status:
Full Time


Surgical Directorate

Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9

Reports to:
Clinical Nurse Manager 2

Appointment will be made on Clinical Nurse Manager 1 Grade (€47,389 – €55,808) at a point in line with Government pay policy.

Hours of work:
39 hours per week

Closing Date:
Friday 3rd December 2021 @ 12 noon

Position Summary:
The cnm1 will support and assist the clinical nurse manager ii in the surgical unit in the following responsibilities and duties set out below.


Assist the Clinical Nurse Manager 2 or Directorate Nurse Manager in the absence of the Clinical Nurse Manager 2 in the implementation of the bed management policy by:

Managing the utilization of patient accommodation in terms of placement of patients.

Deciding how to organise admissions, discharges and transfer of patients to and from the department and within hospital ensuring that such activities are carried out appropriately

Alerting the Clinical Nurse Manager 2 to any problems that the policies/practices or decisions of medical Staff are causing in the implementation of the bed policy.


On a day-to-day basis the Clinical Nurse Manager 1 will decide and allocate the work to be done by staff nurses, student nurses, and ward attendants.

Ensures that a systematic method for the assessment of individual patient needs is implemented and ensures the proper documentation of same.

Estimates workload based on patient nursing needs in agreement with the unit system policy on same.

Promotes the attainment of each patient’s individual nursing care needs by allocating appropriately.


Prepare weekly duty rosters, taking into consideration, holiday, study leave and other control limits. Reviews and changes the roster as necessary on an ongoing basis.

Advises the Directorate Nurse Manager or senior nursing management on duty when staff levels fall below or are in excess of that considered to be adequate to meet variations of workload.

Arranges staff meal breaks in consultation with registered nurses.

Supports and supervises nursing staff and other support staff in carrying out their allocated responsibility to the required standard.

Monitors late attendance and unexplained absenteeism, and reports to the Clinical Nurse Manager 2 or in her absence the Directorate Nurse Manager.

Assists with planning and allocating of nursing teams with appropriate staff numbers, skill mix and level of experience in such a way that will meet the clinical management workload and ensure continuity of patient care.


Promotes, nurtures and maintains a high level of staff morale hence promoting team spirit and job satisfaction among nursing, and other staff within the ward.

Ensures welfare and safety policies are adhered to in the ward.

Receives visiting professionals and lay visitors to the department in the Clinical Nurse Manager’s absence.

Participates in the development of a ward orientation programme for new staff members, and assists with the implementation and evaluation of such programmes.

Ensures that all staff practice nursing within the code set for the profession by An Bord Altranais.

Reports to the Clinical Nurse Manager 2 behaviour outside acceptable limits for whatever reason (i.e. emotional upset in staff, brusqueness to patients or colleagues, undignified behaviour, absenteeism, conflict, etc.).

Investigates complaints, incidents and accidents involving all patients and staff in accordance with hospital policy.


Assesses and identifies training and development for nursing staff within the ward; participates in setting objectives for such learning and contributes to the development of training programmes where appropriate.

Identifies teaching/learning opportunities within the department and plan to meet these needs in consultation with the Clinical Nurse Manager 2.

Participates in the planning, Implementing and evaluation of:

i) Staff development programmes to support new clinical services.

ii) Post graduate training programmes as pertinent to the ward where necessary.

Participates in clinical ward induction training of all new nursing staff ensuring that staff nurses receive sufficient theoretical and practical training to make them safe practitioners.

Ensures the agreed Hospital, specialist administrative and clinical policies and procedures are known to and understood by the staff, and are implemented.

Participates in teaching, counselling and training of learner nurses and plans to meet their needs in consultation with Nurse Tutors, Clinical Nurse Manager 2 and Directorate Nurse Manager.

As a skilled practitioner acts as a resource for advice, support, instruction and guidance for Staff Nurses and Students in aiding the practice of skilled and effective nursing care in the clinical situation.


Uses a framework and model of nursing to assess individual patient needs consistent with hospital nursing policy.

Ensures that appropriate nursing care is planned for individual patients based on need assessment and that each individual patient receives prescribed medical treatment and nursing care, within established policies, procedures and standards of care.

Ensures that verbal and written nursing reporting systems are accurate and adequate.

Ensures that accurate nursing reports accompany patients who are being transferred to other hospitals or other departments in Beaumont Hospital.

Ensures clinical competence of staff in performing clinical activities.

Maintains personal clinical skills by performing nursing care.

Directs, supervises and mentors the nursing staff in the management of nursing care i.e. professional and specialist advice on the nursing care and demonstrate practical nursing skills.

In consultation with medical staff ensures that patients and relatives are appropriately informed and counselled regarding their condition, short and long term treatment/care plans and that they are adequately educated, trained and rehabilitated.

Attends and participate in multidisciplinary ward rounds and meetings.


Takes all steps possible to safeguard the welfare and safety of patients by:

Monitoring indicators of quality.

Monitoring ward management and clinical standards within realistic targets and explicit limits as set by the Clinical Nurse Manager 2.

Ensuring that ward staff understand and abide the required standards and limits.

Checking on the quality of all work done by all ward staff and use of systems in place.

Monitoring and evaluating the outcomes of nursing care for individual patients.


Maintains agreed stock level controls and reports any deficiencies to the Clinical Nurse Manager 2.

Encourages staff to utilize resources judiciously by developing economical habits and adhering to the limits so as to ensure economical use consistent with satisfactory standards.

Assists the Clinical Nurse Manager 2 in preparing duty rosters and monthly salary returns.

Orders agency staff judiciously with due regard to workload and budgetary constraints.


The post holder is expected to:
Maintain, update and develop knowledge on relevant professional development and on all speciality current trends by attending a number of study days each year.

Maintain a personal record of professional development.

Accept appraisal each year from the Clinical Nurse Manager 2.

Discuss present performance and future self-development needs with the Directorate Nurse Manager and the Clinical Nurse Manager 2, using job performance review in accordance with nursing policy.


Ensures that the work of the attendant is implemented to the required standard as per job specification.

Participates in the induction and training of the ward attendant.

Supervises, supports and encourages ward attendant staff in carrying out their duties and ensures that nursing staff know, understand, utilize and respects the role.


Ensures the correct completion of records and reports.

Supervises, supports and encourages Ward Clerk in the implementation of their role and ensures that the nursing staff know, understand, utilize and maintain respect in the carrying out of duties and reports same to their immediate manager.

The job description indicates the main functions and responsibilities of the post and is subject to review and amendment. Other specific work not covered in this job description may also be assigned by the Director of Nursing from time to time.

Selection Criteria:
Selection criteria outline the qualifications, skills, knowledge and/or experience that the successful candidate would need to demonstrate for successful discharge of the responsibilities of the post.

Applications will be assessed on the basis of how well candidates satisfy these criteria.

Mandatory Requirements:
1. Statutory Registration, Professional Qualifications, Experience, etc

(a) Eligible applicants will be those who on the closing date for the competition:

Are registered in the relevant division of the Register of Nurses & Midwives maintained by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland [NMBI] (Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann) or entitled to be so registered.

Have at least 3 years post registration fulltime experience (or an aggregate of 3 years post registration full time experience) of which 1 year post registration full time experience (or an aggregate of 1 years post registration full time experience) must be in the speciality or related area.

Have the clinical, managerial and administrative capacity to properly discharge the functions of the role.

Candidates must demonstrate evidence of Continuing Professional Development.

2. Annual registration

On appointment, Practitioners must maintain live annual registration on the relevant division of the Register of Nurses and Midwives maintained by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann).

Confirm annual registration with NMBI to the HSE by way of the annual Patient Safety Assurance Certificate (PSAC).

3. Health

Candidates for and any person holding the office must be fully competent and capable of undertaking the duties attached to the office and be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.

4. Character

Candidates for and any person holding the office must be of good character.

Desirable Requirements:
A management course is desirable

Further Information for Candidates

Supplementary information:
The Hospital www.beaumont.ie

Management Unit: www.beaumont.ie/hr

Informal Enquiries ONLY to:
Name: Sharon Trehy

Title: Directorate of Nursing, St. Joseph’s Campus

Email address: [email protected]

Telephone: 01 809 4956

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